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Author Topic: FSX: MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 - Ireland A $30 Value - FREE  (Read 3509 times)

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FSX: MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 - Ireland A $30 Value - FREE
« on: March 17, 2016, 09:24:24 PM »
MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 - Ireland
A $30 Value - FREE


Now fly the entire island of Ireland with both countries of Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland in spectacular photo-real detail throughout.

Ireland gives you over 32,599 square miles (84,000 square kilometers) of scenery to soar and explore as you make your way into and out of dozens of airports.

Live the experience of flying in Ireland! There's a LOT to see as you soar and explore the entire 2 countries included. This scenery really captures their essence!

This is a download edition with the option to order a DVD disk set (5 discs).

When you order the DVD disk set you will still receive download links. If you do not wish to download, simply wait for your Media to arrive in the mail.

NOTE: The screenshots don't even scratch the surface of the scope and expanse of this scenery. Discover it all yourself when you purchase this scenery.

An important thing to note with MegaScenery is that with MegaScenery, framerates are faster than the default artificial scenery. So not only do you get the ultimate in realism but you also get a smoother flying experience.

If you don't like to download, choose the DVD MASTER Option and we'll master a 5 disc DVD set with the software and mail it to you anywhere in the world for just $10.00 - all inclusive. Please note that this is a large download at 19.9 Gb. If you are unsure of the stability of your connection we highly recommend you order the DVD Master Option and you'll receive this area on 5DVDs.

NOTE: You will download a small zip file that has a html file with links to the 19 files that you will download.
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