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Don's roadmap and policy
« on: January 27, 2016, 12:14:21 AM »
Now that I have found iron, I will be quickly on my way to evolve into the construction skillset and will soon get over into the next section with the warehouses. This will be of massive benefit to all of us as from then we can store stuff indefinite. I will go all the way up the architecture tree and we will see from there.

As soon as I am up to wharehouses I will build them for all of you around. I will also focus on common recourses. With warehouses you can claim and lock them up for yourself or keep them open. You decide what is best. If you want one for private stuff and one for shared stuff I will build one and you can start on the other. Resources out of your skillset I will deliver to you. If you want to construckt it yourself I will let you do so on request.

My personal policy towards all of you on my personal stock is as follows: As long as I have overstock on resources everyone is free to take whatever he wants/needs from my boxes/wharehouses  (this doesnt apply to the warehouses I build for you, only the ones owned by me usualy near my shack and areas I have a small workspace). Just in general check that there is a small though not unsignificant amount of that certain resource you take is left. As long as you keep to that rule you can do this without asking.

Want to take an item totaly out of stock? if it is necisary to do it quickly for something that breaks and is holding you back to play, feel free, but tell me as soon as I am online that I need to make new stuff and have to make new resources, in general, if able to, ask me.

I will try to keep a bit of emergency food in every warehouse. Feel free to use it when in need. I don't have to explain that you imediatly restock some after consuming.

If you want to do something in return for the taken resources feel free to stock up the warehouses and or boxes with whatever you can loose. dont stock them up to the max as some warehouses will have the purpose of stocking a specific resource. Don't feel obligated to do anything in return. A helping hand sometimes is enough but you are free to do whatever you want. Thats the nice part of this game.

Warning: Please keep in mind that these rules only apply on wharehouses and boxes claimed and owned by the Don_prince character in game. Other characters handle different rules and as this is a lot of peoples free time obey those rules.
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