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D.O.W. Life Server Information
« on: January 20, 2016, 11:32:28 PM »
Stats for the "DOW Life" Server

Server Hardware Specs:
Server: Dedicated
CPU: 2 x Xenon E5/2697 2.6GHZ
Location: US - Atlanta
Bandwidth: 1GB Direct on backbone
GM's: 2. One EU. One USA
USA :JarlGM Hamrick
EU: Vlade Corvinus

Server Wipes:
Only in the event of an issue which cannot be resolved. If this is the case then all players will be notified and invited to a meeting.

Server Restarts:
This is NOT to be confused with a "Server wipe". No info/stats are lost with a server restart. This must happen with NO players on the server at the time. The server will be restarted by the server admin.

Server restart: Only if absolutely necessary

Server Login:
Server Name: D.O.W. Life Server
Server Password: Post in the Life is feudal section requesting PW
Voice chat: TeamSpeak

   Type: Role Playing. PvE. PvP (allowed in-line with rp or your character personality)
   NO Scripts to auto process/collect allowed.
   No Wipes
   One Character limit. No alts. You can delete your character and make a new one
   GM's. They will only use the GM ability to resolve technical issues.
   No exploiting bugs/weakness in engine
   Standard DOW Code of Conduct will be used: Click Here

Server Statistics:
Maximum Players On Server: (maxPlayers)
Determines how many players can be connected simultaneously to the server. This value depends on the rented Gameserver.

Maximum amount of SIMULTANEOUS players on one server (range: 1 - 64)

Skills and Stats Progression Multiplier: (skillsStatsMult)
[range 0.1 - 100]
Vanilla MMO skills progression

1 is vanilla MMO skills progression setting (range: 0.1 - 100)

Skill Cap: (skillcap)
[range 200 - 3000]
Changes the maximum level players can reach in any skills available.

600 is vanilla MMO skill cap (range: 200 - 3000)

Terraforming Speed multiplier: (terraformingSpeed)
[range 0-60]
Digging speed. Terraforming speed during TUNNELING only. 0.8 is a vanilla setting. Can be raised up to 60, but only players with GM powers will be able to dig tunnels with a single iteration (range: 0.1 - 5)

Crafting period (seconds): (craftingPeriod)
[range 1 - 3600]
Determines how many seconds it takes for a "Crafting Tick" . The Crafting Tick determines for example how fast a charcoal will need to be used in the oven. This value can be changed to any number between 1 and 3600.

seconds for 1 crafting tick (burning of fuel, heating of objects etc) (range: 1 - 3600)

Animal Breeding/Feeding Period: (animalBFPeriod)
[range 1-600]
The age rate of animals. Determines how many minutes it takes for a "Breeding Check". The Breeding Check determines how fast animals grow and reappear. The standard value is 60 seconds but it can be changed to any number between 1 and 3600.

minutes between a breeding check. New harvest, dung and young animals will appear on that tick (range: 1 - 600)

Plant Growth Period: (plantgrowthperiod)
[range 1-240]
The rate at which farm plants mature.

There are 8 cycles so if youset it to 1.5 then it will take 12 real hours for the plants to grow and be ready to harvest. If the Day/night cycle is set to 3 then it is 4 in game days and 12 real hours. If the crops are not harvested in time they will rot. It takes the plants 1/3 of the growing time to rot.

Wild Animal amount: (animalsCount)
[range 10-100]
Determines how many animals can be seen on the server. A high number of animals may result in Lags! A value between 0 and 100 may be set.

WARNING! Big numbers might result a heavy server load. We'd recommend 50 or 100, but you can always experiment on your own hardware Amount of animal spawn points and may result in a maximum of spawned animals at once. (range: 0 - 100)

Day/Night Cycle Duration (Hours): (dayCycle)
[range 0.5 - 24]
Determines how many "real hours" it takes for a day to be over in the Game. Standard is 3 real hours per day. This setting defines the growing speed of trees and fruits. This value can be changed to any number between 0.5 and 24.

Real life hours per in game day. Affects speed of crops and trees growth (range: 0.5 - 24). So if it's set to 1 then 1 hour real life is 24 hours in game. 12 hours of day and 12 of night.
4 (1 day is 3 hours in real life)

object decay rate: (object decay rate)
[range 0-100]
The rate at which objects decay.

0 = no decay

Determines the port the Gameserver is using

better have that port and +1 +2 port numbers opened and routed if needed. For instance, if you set that number for 26000, you will need to have 26001 and 26002 to be opened also.
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