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Whisper lists setup
« on: January 06, 2015, 12:10:29 AM »
Whisper lists setup

Whisper lists are useful when you want to talk to certain players in the same room without others listening in. This is particularly useful in Steel Beasts when you are doing multi-crew. Here you can set up a whisper list between the Gunner and TC. That way the company net is not overloaded with chatter.

This is how to set up a whisper list. The red oval shows you the button or focus of the image.

Here is the standard TeamSpeak screen (V3). I have signed in

Select "Settings" on the top toolbar in TS.

From the dropdown menu select "Options"

Another screen will appear. Select "Whisper" from the left hand menu.

Just to the right will appear a button "Whisper Lists" press this.

A new window will appear called "Whisper Lists". Select the "New" button in the bottom left of this window. It will ask you to "press a hotkey" this is where you select the key you want to use for whispering.

I have selected my "F8 Key" here and it has appeared in the list. Next step to add the people we want to whisper to. There are 2 ways to do this.

The first way to add people to the whisper list is browse for them in the righthand window. Here " Teamspeak server 2" is the name of the server. "Clients" is the name of all the people on the server. Here you see "Asid" on the server. We will add him to whisper to.

Select the person/persons (you can pick more than 1). Drag and drop them into the centre windo. Their name will appear ther. You can add as many people as you want as you can whisper to more than 1 person at a time.

Then hit the "Apply" button. This is very important as failure to do this will mean you have not added anyone to the list.

Another way to add people or groups to a whisper list is to drag and drop them from the main room into the centre window as the step above. Here also you must press "apply" when finished.

Ok job done. In this example "Asid" is whispering to "a-teammate" To test a successful setup press your whisper list and the following will happen:
1. The sphere to the left of your name will turn grey when you press the whisper button instead of light blue.
2. You will hear a sound "Psssttt"
3. A red dot will appear to the right of the persons name you are whispering to.

Please remove the person from the whisper list when you have finished the session otherwise it may cause irritation.

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