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Gulf of Aden - Task Force Somalia
« on: December 16, 2015, 07:45:29 PM »
Gulf of Aden - Task Force Somalia

Gulf of Aden Task Force Somalia
Pirates in the Gulf of Aden near Somalia are threatening international commercial shipping. It is up to you as commander of an International UN military task force to handle this escalating situation.

Published on 18 Feb 2015

Gulf of Aden, Task Force Somalia, is a cross-over between strategy and a tower defence game. During the game the player has command over several kinds of naval vessels within the UN anti-piracy task force. In 20 different missions the player has to tactically prevent pirates in the Gulf of Aden from attacking civilian targets. The situation in the game also escalates further and further. Its a game which deals with a recent subject which features a lot of violence. Notwithstanding all the shots and explosions there are no casualties in the game. The player has to rescue all drowning pirates when their ships are disabled.

Price: 9.99 / $13.00
Official site:
Steam Community Hub:
Official YouTube Channel:

Key features
- 20 unlockable missions with each their own objectives
- Determine your own personal tactics for each mission
- Switch between high detail and tactical view seamlessly
- Free choice of turrets and movement of your navy vessels
- Balance between offensive, defensive and rescue
- Different types of navy vessels you can control
- Deployable Anti-piracy teams by helicopter or zodiac
- Several kinds of pirate enemies ranging from small to large
- Enhance your navy vessels with radar, speakers and extra targeting
- Mines and navigation buoys for quick tactical reactions

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