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Author Topic: CeasarIA, Ceasar 3 redone (free) (and Ceasar III (not free) HD mod) Close to AoE  (Read 3737 times)

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CeasarIA (and Ceasar III) (Tread in progres)

First Ill handle the HD mod for Ceasar III. This can be obtained here:

Next up: Ceasaria

THis is basicaly Ceasar 3 redone, and a work in progress featuring multiplayer. At the time of writing the topic the windows and linux build are broken. I will look into the game on mac, to see if that build still works and update the first post. This is a failed indigogo that still continued development and got a steam greenlight.

From steam:

CaesarIA is inspired by an old-school economic strategy game, Caesar III which is a masterpiece among the games of this genre in our opinion. There are different economic strategy games and they can be broken down to subtypes but from our viewpoint Caesar encompasses planning, constructing, diplomacy and military campaigns.

Economy and Trade

Miniature model of an economy leaves the ruler no room for mistakes, under his leadership there are extractive industry (mines, sawmills, outcrop mines and farms) and production (factories, armories, wineries and brandy kitchens). And if some resource is scarce or not available, then trade with the neighbors can be a solution for the difficult situation. Mini-economy is complicated and takes into account a variety of facts: taxes, import/export, population of the town, healthcare, unemployment. In order to stay in the black it is necessary to develop houses with high income level but that can lead to a rise in unemployment which consequently results in big problems such as an embezzlement of municipal purse.


Construction is defined by the needs of the town, healthcare, procurement, buildings security provision. The main idea of construction is bringing workers to the area, there actors entertain the public, engineer provides service for shabby houses, vigils fight criminals. Moreover, city folk prefer to occupy quiet picturesque location such as gardens farther from dirty barns and noisy barracks.


The emperor will not leave the town alone, Caesar himself will demand goods for his personal use, sometimes in huge amounts and with bad timing. If the player has enough nerve he/she can just turn a blind eye to Caesar which unfortunately results in game over. Therefore, it is important to stay friends with Caesar and send him presents such as modest donations or exotic animals. Towns in the neighborhood will also take part in common trade network of the Empire and compete in the deals with the town.


Romans were superstitions people and created the whole hierarchy of gods. 5 gods are in the game:
- Earth goddess, Ceres, when worshiped in the right way doubles the yield capacity.
- Restive Neptune can help the merchants have a successful voyage.
- Sly Mercurius can fill all barns and storage houses up to the roof.
- Spirit of Mars protects the town from foes brave enough to attack the town.
- Venus can brighten up the mood of city folk for a long time.

Attitude of the City Folk

The attitude of the city folk to you will be very important, if the reputation of the ruler is bad it can start the emigration, then criminal rate increases - riots, fires and many other problems occur. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the people and analyse current deficiency. Healthcare is provided by hospitals and bath houses. Entertainment is fence play and chariot-riding. Food comes from farms and the sea. Religion and security are at control of the regular army.

Military Set-up

The city has to be protected from invasions of barbarians, the creation of bastille lies ahead, soldiers and barracks can be situated there as well as recruit depot. However, this is a way to recruit only varmint velites and reckless equites. Roman army is its legionnaires and they are heavily armored with helmets and shields that means a demand for ore and iron which are not so easy to excavate. But even if you have 2 cohorts of legionnaires nobody is free of fear therefore there is a need in a military academy where soldiers can have additional training in survival and ethics.

Specific Features:
+ Upload of the map from the original Caesar III game;
+ Construction\demolition of buildings and edifices;
+ Migration of population;
+ Farming and product distribution;
+ Entertainment, healthcare, religion, education;
+ Empire trade network with computer towns;
+ Extraction of raw materials and manufacturing;
+ Prefects, engineers, apprentices, soldiers, etc.;
+ Advisers;
+ Dynamic town modeling;
+ Changing the level of the houses according to the environment;
+ Healthcare and water facilities;
+ Military buildings.

Future Plans
- Real-life financial system (salary, goods purchase, hiring);
- Specialization of city folk, setting up personal relations and families;
- Class system in the town (slaves, plebs, clients and patricians);
- Various climate conditions;
- Map editor;
- Computer towns and empires modeling;
- Network play.

Videos upcomming.

You can say that both games (as they share the same core) have something in common with age of empires. Though it does focus on defences, not offences. You do not have to attack any strucktures. The biggest focus is building and maintaining your city, where it is chalenging is the way you need to build up your city. Different jobs require different classess of people, and enough of them. All these people need to have their desires forfilled. they need access to markets, entertainment and name it. Next to that you got the logistic parts. If you build your city too complicated with to many places for them to go they will get lost (they didnt have satnav back then ;D) rendering a part of your city useless and the people unhappy. Defences is another problem. You will get thieves and rebels, destroying your stuff. Next to that allong the sides of your city, enemy forces will appear. You need to put up defences and slow them down for your army to get there. If not they will break down that part of the city. As in this game every part is very essential, if you put critical structures near the (accesible) sides, you will lose the game, unless you have put up proper defences.

Ceasaria: (FREE)

Ceasar 3: (5.69/$5.99)

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