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Comms procedure during muliplayer
« on: February 19, 2015, 05:01:14 PM »
When communicating by radio:
• Do not tell your life story.
• Be Accurate
• Be Brief
• Speak clearly
• Speak slowly
• Use call signs. Do not use names or nicknames.

"The person you want to address." Then you. add "this is" then "your call sign" followed by "over"
Example: “CO……..This is 1 Alpha…….. Over.”

Use this at the end of the message when you want a reply. "
Example: “shall i hold position?.......Over"

Use this at the end of the message when you do not want a reply.
Example: "Message received……..Out"

3.Say again
Use this when you want the last message repeated.
Example: "CO……..this is 4 2 Bravo........say again……..over”

Use this when you want to acknowledge receipt of message or you understand.

I Will comply
Example: “CO……..this is 4 2 Bravo….....Wilco…….Out”

6.Wait 1
Wait 1 min for a reply
Example: “CO……..this is 4 2 Bravo........Wait 1……..out”

In an emergency or high priority situation when there is live radio comms. " Break, Break". Wait for clear radio then say your message. The commander , person with the highest rank has priority over comms they may not break. Priority traffic follows the chain of command

8. Negative

9. Affirmative/Affirm

10. All Call signs
When you are addressing everyone. Section, platoon, company or mission commanders only to lower units.
Example: "all Call signs……..This is CO Alpha……..hold fire……..Out"

11. Radio Check (mainly for whisper lists)

Example: “All call signs……..this is CO……..Radio check over”
Reply: “Alpha....Roger....over” . “Bravo....Roger....over” etc…

Reporting contacts
platoon or lower
"2 Bravo Contact "pc/tank/inf" 3 o'clock (from the units direction of travel)... out"

CO (only when talking on the mission net or company commander net)
Contact "pc/tank/inf" direction of travel n, e ,s or west...
"CO this is CO Alpha contact tanks N or(grid reference #) Out!"

When using this you should give distance and direction and if possible type of unit.

Code words
• A Alpha
• B Bravo
• C Charlie
• D Delta
• E Echo
• F Foxtrot
• G Golf
• H Hotel
• I India
• J Juliet
• K Kilo
• L Lima
• M Mike
• N November
• O Oscar
• P Papa
• Q Quebec
• R Romeo
• S Sierra
• T Tango
• U Uniform
• V Victor
• W Whiskey
• X X-ray
• Y Yankee
• Z Zulu

• 1 = Wun
• 2 = Two
• 3 = Tree
• 4 = Fower
• 5 = Fife
• 6 = Six
• 7 = Sefan
• 8 = Ait
• 9 = Niner
• 0 = Zero

This is the basic comms.
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