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Author Topic: WW2T: World War 2 Tactics game  (Read 3569 times)

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WW2T: World War 2 Tactics game
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ww2t_Ben March 9, 2015 About2015-04-13T19:23:31+00:00

WW2T is a strategy game that simulates the Second World War on a tactical level. It was inspired by what is probably the most complex board game ever: Advanced Squad Leader (TM) or simply ASL. Advanced Squad Leader is a trademark of Avalon Hill Games, Inc., a Hasbro affiliate. This site is not related to Avalon Hill Games or Hasbro in any way.

Official Site:

Is WW2T free to play or will it cost money?
The game can be downloaded for free. The web service will eventually require a subscription fee also because hosting and traffic to maintain it generate costs. Depending on the initial feedback of the community I might also or alternatively consider a Crowd funding campaign to finance further development.

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