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Global Conflict Blue 2
« on: September 19, 2015, 11:05:23 AM »
Global Conflict Blue 2
(This Is Free)

Global Conflict Blue (GCB), an open-source real-time naval strategy game. GCB simulates modern naval and air combat from the third-person perspective of a theater commander.

   Global map - The entire surface of the earth is available for play including global bathymetry data for ocean depth
   Real-time modelling - Flight dynamics, guidance, and sensor models are incorporated real-time for a high level of realism and fluid game play. Broad simulation capabilities covering areas such as air-to-air refuelling, chaff, flare, and subsurface countermeasures, mines, smart bombs, terrain masking of sensors, and damage physics.
   Graphical User Interface - An interactive map with commands driven by context menus. The GUI enables intuitive and fast action for managing operations. Multiple map layers cover views spanning a few kilometres up to an entire continent.
   3D graphics - Watch the battle unfold with a real-time 3D view. Physical 3D models are also integrated into the simulation to provide accurate optical and damage cross-sections.
   Editable Database and Scenarios - The stock game database includes hundreds of platforms, along with associated weapons, sensors, and equipment. Database and scenario files are saved in an open format for user editing. A database editor and in-game scenario editor are packaged with the main application. Fifteen exciting scenarios are available to play, along with four tutorial scenarios.
   Flexible time-scaling - Player-controlled time acceleration is supported to keep the game pace at an exciting level.
   Customization - AI scripts, menus, platform database, 3D models, and symbology in an open format to allow player customization
   Large-scale design - Capability to handle 1000+ units to support complex engagements.
   Multiplayer mode - Server-based multiplayer mode
   More - Much more to come!



    gcb2_126.004_Amram_150801_full.exe (716mb):
This is the full game, you'll need this if you've never downloaded one of the full installers. You will not require the following patches if you grab this installer.
    gcb2_126_Amram_150228_patch.exe (76.4mb):
    gcb2_126.004_150801_patch.exe (13.7mb):

Global Conflict Blue 2 commentary 1: Fulfilling your wildest air/naval fantasies

Global Conflict Blue 2 #2: Surface massacre, diplomatic disaster

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Re: Global Conflict Blue 2
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2015, 08:48:33 PM »
This guy is hard to watch due to the fact he knows nothing about his ships, but is in command of them. How does one command, and deploy the correct units when you do not know their capabilities??? Looks a lot like Jane's Fleet Command, but hopefully a lot better. I say this as I was not able to watch this guy fumble through the video trying to play.

Something I will look more into though.


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